Personal supervision and consultation

There comes a time when you just want to be listened to and heard. Without judgement, advice, pity or criticism. When you need someone to be there and give you space to express your thoughts, worries, and unresolved concerns. When you don’t want to make an impression, but simply be there and tell the truth.


Personal supervision takes you wherever you want to go.


My consultations will help you find your voice in whatever way is most acceptable to you. For some, this could be art, for others, a simple stroll outdoors. The method comes from you. (Online is an option as well)



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Personal supervision session for managers


“I attended your seminar with my direct superior, and I’m so sorry he doesn’t use the knowledge we’ve gained,” a participant once said in a review.


Do you think her superior knows this? That’s right – there’s a 99 percent chance he has no idea.


Managers – you might not be aware exactly how you should grow, improve or change. But do you know who is? Everyone else!


You are the person who is seen, heard and evaluated by everyone, but the information either never reaches you or becomes distorted…


Try a personal supervision session for managers. Here, you can discuss your situation in a peaceful and confidential setting, receive unbiased feedback and decide for yourself what to do with it (meetings are also available online).


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